Hoist with my own Woolton

Apr 23rd, 2016

Hoist with my own Woolton

Some years ago R and I did a 1940s diet.  This involved eating (as far as possible) only food that was available on the 1944 UK rations – so very little meat, fat, sweets etc. and lots of brown bread, carrots and assorted brassicas.    The idea was not only to lose some weight, but also to try some of the recipes of the day and experience (to a very small extent as we didn’t have bombs dropping on our heads) what life was like at the time.  Anyway – when my brother N and my friend J came over at the weekends, I subjected them to a number of wartime ‘treats’ – one of which was Woolton Pie.  I must say, they were quite good about it in general – but N was definitely not a fan of the Woolton pie (it is a vegetable pie with a potato and oatmeal topping.

So last week just as we were leaving his house, N suggested somewhat sarcastically that I should cook the Woolton pie again for him.  I’m nothing if not open to suggestions, so I came up with the idea that when they came over today, I would have the table all laid and a big steaming Woolton pie ready for consumption.  Then when faces had fallen adequately, I would whisk the pie away (to be frozen for later consumption) and out would come the real lunch (quiche, salad, smoked mackerel pate etc).

So I prepared my little gag and was expecting the guests at the usual time when we got a phone call.  The A82 was closed by an accident and they were stuck at Balloch.  Half an hour later they rang again to say that they were going to have to turn back and come tomorrow instead.

So R and I were left with both sets of food.  We couldn’t in all conscience freeze the Woolton pie without eating at least some of it – so R and I had it for our supper.  It certainly proves the old adage that you know if you are really hungry if you would schnarf down a meal of boiled fish and green beans – but I will modify it to say you know if you are really really hungry if you will eat Woolton pie.

R says he thought it was ok – but I must admit I didn’t eat mine so the joke was on me.


A layer of carrots, cauliflower, and kale (basically any veg you have going) is topped with a scant layer of onions which are boiled to save your fat ration.


Topped with (fatless) mashed potatoes mixed with oats.  The oats contain some natural fats and have the advantage of being grown over here.


The finished article with a healthy portion of sprouts…  I would say ‘yum yum’ but…

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