Eight Plait Loaf

Apr 12th, 2016

Eight Plait Loaf

I had a go at Paul Holywood’s famous eight plait loaf (which many of the bakers on the Bake Off) struggled with.

It actually turned out pretty well and wasn’t as difficult as I had thought it would be (though I appreciate that it must be a great deal worse when you are being filmed with ‘the eyes of the nation on you’).

My only real problem with it was that I had got about halfway through plaiting it (5 over 3 and under 6 etc. – a bit like a knitting pattern) when Schrodi jumped up on the counter to investigate. By the time I had grabbed him and excluded him from the kitchen, I had forgotten where I was and had to start over from scratch, which didn’t do much for the uniformity of the strands.

But it baked up well and tasted delicious so I will have to add that one to my repertory.

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