More Snow…

Jan 17th, 2016

More Snow…

R and I went for a walk in quite thick snow today. It was coming down all yesterday, and when it stopped for a while, I took the opportunity to clear our (75m!) driveway. An hour or so later it was covered again, but probably best to keep on top of it, as we discovered back in Livingston in 2009 when we let it build up for weeks and then had our car stuck in the drive for weeks more. I just cleared it again, so we shall see….

Anyway, the walk (up to the waterfall, on to the side of Beinn Donich, and back round the long way) was very interesting. No one had been before us since the snow – no human that is. But there were animal tracks everywhere, mainly badger, fox, deer and marten, but we saw others we couldn’t recognize. It was so pristine, and the snow had covered over the ugly mess the construction work on the hydro is leaving at the moment. Coming back, we could see over the village, laid out in perfect monochrome, as though it were a black and white photograph of itself.

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