Mr T’s big adventure

Oct 8th, 2015

Mr T’s big adventure

R and I go for a walk before work every day, and on most mornings we walk past the school and fire station down to the loch and village centre. Today we were deep in conversation (I think we were talking about the future of advertising on the Internet) when R glanced down, and trotting along beside us was a small stripy creature. Tora had joined the walk and was quietly accompanying us without even having announced his presence. Ever since we have lived here he has a had a fascination with a specific house opposite the arboretum, and he must have been in the garden when we walked past.

So that was the end of the walk for the morning as we had to take him home (rather than have him follow us through the village and out past the Heiland Coos). This was easier said than done, as this was precisely the time that several people like to take their dogs for a walk through the arboretum, and we had to carefully avoid meeting them. One encounter with a perfectly friendly Labrador we didn’t manage to avert, and ended up with T turning side on to it, hissing loudly and fluffing his tail up like a brush.

All was then well until about 8pm tonight when I was making a curry in the kitchen and listening to a history of Britain (well – I have to say a history of England as its only mention of Scotland seems to be when it got invaded), when I heard a strange, scraping noise which sounded as though it was coming from inside the floor near the outside wall of the house. For a moment I thought it was a badger, and then I thought someone was outside on the patio. I called R and we went back into the kitchen. Just when he must have been thinking I was going nuts, the noise came back, and this time it was obviously from the cupboard under the sink. We opened the door to reveal T, all covered in cobwebs. There is a small hole in the back of that cupboard which I suspected led into the underfloor space and which I have been keeping the cats out of for that very reason. Today T had finally outwitted me and made it in there.

Having related this story I will now go to bed. I am tired as Schrodi once more had multiple rodents overnight. Cats, who’d have them, who’d be without them.

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