A rather testing afternoon

Oct 7th, 2015

A rather testing afternoon

I’ve never been a ‘good’ sleeper, and the problem seems to be getting worse as I get older. Last night the situation was not helped by the cats. First of all Tora insisted on sleeping pressed up against me, then his brother brought in a live rodent (or insectivore possible – R uses the ‘drop a T-shirt on top of it and bundle it out of the door’ technique, which doesn’t lend itself to analysis of the exact species), and finally the two of them had several little spats and meowing competitions.

So I didn’t get much sleep and was feeling a bit jaded today, not helped by the fact that I have a complex test going on that I would like to give my full attention to. My concentration was therefore not assisted by Tora deciding that my keyboard would be a good place to sleep this afternoon. He was so sweet that I had to forgive him, but tonight the door is getting closed with cats on the outside of it.

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