Beinn Narnain

Sep 27th, 2015

Beinn Narnain

R and I continued our assault on the Munros today with Beinn Narnain (in the Arrochar Alps near the Cobbler). This was quite a good climb and we largely enjoyed ourselves, but unfortunately, the weather which had been forecast to be clear by lunchtime, wasn’t, so the visibility from the summit was about 10 feet. We got there though, and we are getting a lot more experience on scrambling, navigation in mist etc.

We had intended to do Beinn Ime today as well, because they both rise off the same bealach which takes half the climb off the second one, but it was so dreich that we decided not to. R and I don’t really have what it takes to be true ‘at all costs’ Munro baggers, because all we are really after is a nice climb in reasonably good weather with some views, and not a tick in the box if it means getting wet and cold and/or putting ourselves in danger to get a tick in the box.

So we ended up walking back from Narnain down the Cobbler path and this was the part I didn’t greatly enjoy. It was honestly like Sauchiehall Street with the number of people coming the other way, and whilst I think it is great that people are getting out on the hills, it seems really daft that everyone is picking the same one. I mean the Cobbler has an unusual rocky summit, but this doesn’t mean that it is the only mountain worth climbing, and I can’t help thinking that people would enjoy themselves more if they climbed some of the other hills that hardly see a boot on them. Anyway, constantly passing and being passed by other people is not my idea of an afternoon on the hills, so we will have another go at Ime next week, but will climb it from Butterbridge where (hopefully) there won’t be any crowds.

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