Pleasant evening with added Fox

Sep 25th, 2015

Pleasant evening with added Fox

We had some new friends from the village here for dinner the other night. They are interested in the local wildlife as well, and I had warned our creatures to be on their best behaviour and turn up on time.

True to form, at 6:15 there were five squirrels chasing around the feeder, and by arrival time at 6:30, there were only two. I’ll have to let them off though as they did the full acrobatic bit in honour of our guests – I noticed for the first time that when the feeder pole is very wet they have a bit of difficulty getting up it.

Anyway – we then had a nice (I hope) dinner. Garlic mushrooms, peppers stuffed with a quinoa, lentil and pine nut mixture, and a pie made from the brambles I picked the previous day, and apples from our tree.

While the boys were having a post meal whisky, a badger trundled in to view and I thought that the wildlife had done us proud for the day. However, just as the guests were leaving, one of them spotted a tail by the badgers’ nuts on the ground. For a moment I thought it was a pine marten, but then we realized it was an immature fox. We only saw it for a second, but caught quite a good shot on the web cam. It’s clear from the pictures that it is eating the nuts – I had always thought that foxes were pure carnivores but obviously not.

Anyway, add that to the hawk that we saw on the fence that morning and it counts as a good wildlife day. Plus the food and company were excellent.

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