Sep 16th, 2015


We went to Bute today and I loved it. Rothsay is pretty, quiet and very Victorian. We had a traditional ice cream ‘pokie hat’ from ‘Zaveronis’ (there were at least three Zaveronis selling fish and chips and/or ice cream), then went to see the castle and (of course) the sensational Victorian loos. R refused to believe that these were the ‘number two’ (get it?) tourist attraction in Bute and wouldn’t come in to see them – but I thought they were great (all marble and decorative tiles). I fed a baby seagull (naughty) and it actually took the food straight from my hand (and nearly my finger with it), which I have never known a wild bird to do before.

A brief stop at a restored fernery at Ascog, then we went to Mount Stewart which was one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen – pricy but well worth it as along with the house there are some great gardens and walks. The house itself is so intricate and decorated that you could spend a whole day in each room if so inclined. There was a great Victorian bathroom here as well and you can actually sleep in the bedroom and have this as your en suite as part of their wedding package (I shudder to think how much this would cost though).

Finally we went to Scalpsy Bay where there was a lovely beach, I paddled in the sea and we saw some curious seals peering at us.

A lovely Island, so peaceful and beautiful, particularly on a sunny September weekday.

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