Aug 14th, 2015


Schrodi has just come in minus his collar for the second time in about six weeks. Just to explain for anyone who hasn’t read the full back story to this blog; our two cats have tracking collars which come from USA ( and enable us to locate them within a range of about half a mile using a portable receiver. So if anyone has seen a mad looking middle-aged woman wandering around the village with an aerial; that would be me. The reason for this is that in our old home they managed to get themselves locked into places a few times, and we worried ourselves sick about not being able to find them.

Anyway, generally it was always Tora who would lose his collar (generally through fighting), but the last two times it has been Schrodi. The first time the collar was returned to me by our neighbours across the river, who found it near their cottage together with another collar – obviously belonging to ‘the other cat’. As far as we are aware, this other cat must have come up from the village, which is quite a decent distance, and a fight must have occurred resulting in both collars becoming detached from their owners. Then yesterday a second collar loss occurred, and I eventually found it near the village in a pile of Schrodi’s own fur.

I can only presume there is a new cat in the area and the dominance dynamic is still settling down, but having spoken to someone living right next to the scene of the incident, they were not aware that any new cats had moved in.

So a bit of a mystery, but at least I managed to get the collar back, which is good as they are not cheap… I have to say that whatever they have cost us in money over the years, they have definitely paid back about ten time over in terms of peace of mind.

In the picture – the tracking collar is the one on the left with the disk attached which is the transmitter. The other collar is pale pink with a bell, so if you are in Lochgoilhead and have lost one – I have it here.

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