Trip to York

Aug 10th, 2015

Trip to York

R and I just got back from York with my brother N and my friend J. J is lucky enough to have a birthday in August, so the four of us always seem to end up doing something nice for it (last year we took a boat out on Loch Goil). R and I have birthdays in the middle of winter which isn’t so great for trips out.

Anyway – York was great – one of the most scenic cities I have visited (all twisty little streets, quaint little shops and great restaurants/pubs).

We went to the Minster (I was the only one who ventured up the tower) and visited the Railway Museum (saw Mallard but unfortunately not Tornado as it was off on its travels) and the Castle Museum (actually nothing to do with the Castle apart from being physically near it – more a sort of social history museum) which I would thoroughly recommend. We also went on a ghost walk (sad to say that J is a big fan of ‘Most Haunted’), a boat ride, and walked nearly the whole way around the medieval walls.

Then on the way back we went to Richmond and its ruined castle. Incredibly beautiful little town with fantastic views from the castle keep.

So a good time was had by all – the only disadvantage to this type of trip is the sheer expense of them. I actually think you can easily spend more on a weekend city break than on a week’s package holiday. Still, easy come I suppose….

The cat in the picture is one we saw during our walk round the walls.

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