Big Donich Circular

Jul 19th, 2015

Big Donich Circular

Around here the walk from Lochgoilhead round to the Donich waterfalls and back via Inveronich is called the ‘Donich Circular’ – however today R and I did a far bigger Donich circular and completely circumnavigated Beinn Donich.

There is a good description of it on View Ranger here

I would say that it was a good walk, with some fantastic views down over the Rest and be Thankful, but not one of my all time favourites because it was so very marshy in places (though the fact that it has been terrifically wet here recently did not help), and also because I believed the weather forecast, didn’t take a coat and got soaked through on the way back.

But the sun came out when we were on the last stretch and it was fantastically beautiful, with every conceivable shade of green on display and both tiny orange butterflies and huge dragonflies everywhere.

For anyone walking or cycling from the Rest to Lochgoilhead by the way, this route is much better than following the road – particularly on a Sunday in July when there are quite a few cars about.

One of these days I am going to start this walk, get round to where the main Beinn Donich track goes up to the mountain and then go down the back of it from the summit to join back to this route. Not when it has been raining recently though….

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