Schrodi strikes again

Jul 4th, 2015

Schrodi strikes again

My mum was sleeping in our new ‘snug’ while she was here. This is basically what used to be R’s office but done out with a new futon and a Japanese screen covering the servers and their associated mass of cables.

At about 4am, Schrodi decided to complement my mother by bringing her a present of a large, live (and very lively) short tailed vole. Neither of them proving equal to the task of catching it (R’s normal technique of dropping a T-shirt on top of it having failed), I had to come to the rescue and immediately caught it (ok – I must admit that I was lucky and it snared itself between two cables for long enough for me to catch it). It then bit me extremely hard through the finger as I was taking it outside to let it go.

So time for another shaming for Schrodi. The background to the picture is my bed with the bottom sheet on, but no duvet, as he moved there when I was halfway through making the bed.

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