Jul 2nd, 2015


My parents have been visiting for a few days, and we went on a couple of trips. On Thursday we went out on the Waverley (for those that don’t know, the world’s last ocean going paddle steamer and somewhat of a Scottish institution).

This time she was bound out from Greenock, round by Dunoon (where we got on), out to Bute, then along the coast to Largs, call in at Milport and then right round the isle of Arran.

We had a rather nice (though long) day. The weather stayed good all the way out and then tipped it down all the way back. Actually this is about the best weather I have ever experienced on the Waverley as I have been on her many times and it always seems to rain.

It was quite odd because I had never been on the ship on a weekday before, and the passengers were both older and much more restrained than at the weekend. Specifically no one was singing in the bar or had to be dug out from under a table after nearly missing their disembarkation point.

We didn’t get home until after 9pm and tucked into a nice Pepper Pot as prepared by R (when I say ‘prepared’ I mean he put the one I made the night before in the oven).

The first picture is of a seagull which hitched a lift all the way to Arran. I’m not sure if it stayed all the way back or whether it was abandoning Dunoon in favour of a new island lifestyle

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