Strawberry Jam

Jun 30th, 2015

Strawberry Jam

I made some Strawberry Jam this afternoon, not with my own berries which are not ready yet, but with some cheap ones from the supermarket. Just at the moment there is a glut on and you can buy an enormous box for what one small punnet would cost during the winter.

The jam smelled lovely when it was cooking and I’ve put it in some nice (recycled ‘Bonne Maman’) jars with decorative disks round the top – but I’m not entirely convinced that it has set hard enough and it may not keep very well. I suppose better that than set too hard. When I was a child we used to stay with my Aunt in Cornwall who was a notoriously awful cook (shepherds’ pie you could have poured out of a jug, instant whip made with water rather than milk etc.) and one of her ‘specialities’ was blackcurrant jam which was so stiff that not only was it difficult to get a spoon in to, but that it retained its shape when emptied out of the jar (and probably if it was thrown against a wall).

Anyway – I am just making a loaf of bread to accompany it. Doubtless even if it is not very nice my father will eat it anyway – he is a great one for jam.

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