Fantastic Wildlife at the moment

Jun 30th, 2015

Fantastic Wildlife at the moment

Even more so than last year – we are having a great time with our wildlife at the moment. I am wondering if the word has got about that we are a soft touch for loads of food and creatures are flocking from near and far for their share in it.

Our pair of badgers visits every night. We have at least two martens visiting by day and night – a large (male?) who we briefly saw on Sat afternoon, and a much smaller one (either a female or a yearling) who we watched on the bird table for about twenty minutes yesterday evening. Pine Martens like sunflower seeds it turns out (actually I suspect that at a pinch, pine martens like nearly everything) and yesterday it must have eaten about half a pound of them.

We are also seeing a lot of roe deer with their young – and as for the bird and squirrel population – we are in the middle of a baby boom. Yesterday we had no less than six baby squirrels chasing each other up and down the ‘squirrel proof’ pole and (with incredible acrobatics) managing to eat from the fat balls which are in a wire cage for the tits. We have clouds of siskins and greenfinches which never came for peanuts but which are here in great numbers now we have started on sunflower seeds. Also the baby blue and great tits are just getting to the stage of feeding themselves, but will still do the whole ‘fluff out the wings and open the beak’ in a hopeful fashion every time they see their parents.

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