Night of the four mice

Jun 26th, 2015

Night of the four mice

Well it was four rodents really…

c. 1:30am Heard muffled meow from hall. Knew this sign of old so dashed into hall. Small shrew is on floor apparently dead with Schrodi standing over it proudly. Touched it lightly and it shot off under the bureau obviously not even injured. Went back to bed. This was rodent one and we haven’t seen it since.

c. 2.00am Another ‘Mummy come and look at this’ noise from S. Shot out again and managed to catch a largish short tailed vole and put it out the front door. Went back to bed. This time have difficulty getting back to sleep as charged up by this time.

c. 3:00am. This time no meow – just a banging noise. Stagger out for a third time and S is chasing a field mouse round the hall. After five minutes I can’t catch it and go back to bed resolving not to get up again whatever he catches. Then the noise starts – thump, crunch, meow, bang etc. etc. I stand it for about 10 minutes but just can’t sleep for racket and worrying about how poor little thing is suffering. Out for a fourth time and he has it cornered in the vestibule. Stuff him out into the hall, close the inner door and open the outer one. Manage to usher mouse outside.

6:45am. Wake up bright and bushy tailed ready for the day (or not). In fact have to get up as have a report to write. Directly outside my door is yet another mouse – dead and stiff.

R thinks he will eventually run out of prey. I hate to disabuse him of this, but I’m pretty sure that in our garden four rodents, whilst not conducive to a restful night’s sleep when introduced in a domestic environment, are a very small drop in a very large ocean.

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