Nice weather back (sort of)

Jun 23rd, 2015

Nice weather back (sort of)

After a pretty grim week last week, with some of the coldest days in June that I remember, the situation is much improved this week. At this time of year our walks are a bit restricted because the midgies are very bad on the high trail through the woods and up to the waterfalls, so we generally just walk along the lochside, where strangely enough there are a lot less of them.

This morning was rather nice, although it deteriorated a bit later on. R and I also went to the garden centre on Loch Fyne today and bought bedding plants. I felt a bit strange buying them this year after growing them all myself last year, but I consoled myself with the fact that paradoxically they were a lot cheaper this year when I take into account the time I didn’t spend growing them….

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