Better late than…

Jun 7th, 2015

Better late than…

Haven’t posted in a while as basically haven’t had a lot to report.

R and I have been having our garage converted into offices and we have had builders here every day, plus it has rained more or less constantly. I have never seen weather like this in June in my life – it has been wet, cold and blustery to the extent it hasn’t even been possible to go for short walks.

Today (thank goodness) it has finally stopped raining and the wind has died down. So we went for a walk to see if our friends the midgies have arrived yet (not in force is the answer to that), and then I went to look to see how our garden is coming on. I’ve been a bit scared that our water lilies had been killed by the frosts, but today they are finally coming into bud – a whole month later than last year.

Anyway – I had been in the garden for less than ten minutes when the rain came back on – in fact in the photo (water lily bud) you can see the rain hitting the pond….

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