Big Surface, Little Surface

Jun 2nd, 2015

Big Surface, Little Surface

As anyone who reads this knows, I am a bit of a geek and also a bit of a Microsoft Fangirl. I’ve actually had (at one time – I don’t still have all of them) every Surface in the range apart from the Surface 2.

So I started with the original RT which was too limited for my needs so I got the original Pro. It was a bit chunky and the battery life was not that great. So I bought the Pro 2 and was well satisfied with it. Then the Pro 3 came out and I fell in love with its big screen and slimline body so I got that.

The Pro 3 is a fantastic device. Light, powerful, reasonable battery life – just about everything you could want in a combo laptop/tablet. My only slight beef with it is that due to the power of it (it has an Intel CoreI7 processor and 8G RAM), it runs extremely hot and has to have a fan which for reasons unknown seems to come on an awful lot which is fine when it is being a laptop but less good when it is being a tablet.

So recently the Surface 3 (non-pro) came out and I swore I was not going to buy it. But then I read some of the reviews, and in a moment of weakness I did. Actually I have to say that it is possibly my favourite of the whole series (at least for leisure and light work). It doesn’t have anything like the power of the Pro 3, and it has a smaller screen, but it is lighter, has no fan, and is closer to the form factor of an iPad for tablet use. At the same time it still runs full fat Windows (not RT) and can run Office and all other Windows programs (though you can’t heavily multi-task or run VMs).

The picture shows the two Surfaces together – the Pro3 with the red keyboard and the smaller 3 with the blue one.

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