Squirrel proof bird pole

May 27th, 2015

Squirrel proof bird pole

Some time ago my Mum bought me a bird pole for a present. I’ve put it just outside the kitchen window and it has been a constant source of interest ever since. We’ve had a wider of variety of birds since we had it – we’ve started to have regular visits from siskins and occasional visits from woodpeckers – neither of which we had this time last year.

However one rather amusing thing is that I noticed on the packing when I was setting the pole up that it was ‘guaranteed squirrel proof’. I guess this is aimed at people down south where the local squirrels are grey, common and a bit of a plague rather than up here where they are red, rare (well not rare around here but rare in the country in general) and very sweet. But the pole has failed its guarantee – I don’t know how this little chap managed it, but he got on to the pole somehow and was feasting away on the sunflower seeds.

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