Marks and Spencer Diet

May 8th, 2015

Marks and Spencer Diet

I have to admit that there is a reason I haven’t been writing about cooking of late. It was actually my resolution this year to lose at least 2 stone in weight, and I am pleased to report that I have now done this. Fairly obviously I was trying to keep right off the subject of cooking and eating while I was on the diet, but I have now finished (for now – I would like to lose another 7lb or so but I really need a few weeks off first).

So in case anyone can take any benefit from this – I lost weight steadily at 2lb a week on this regime.

I don’t bother with breakfast – I know you are supposed to eat it but I never feel hungry early in the morning so to me it would just be wasted calories. Instead R and I go for an hour’s walk.
Lunch – homemade chicken and vegetable broth with one slice of homemade bread.
Dinner – M&S diet ready meal with large portion of green veg (e.g sprouts, broccoli, runner beans, asparagus)
Around 8pm – M&S low calorie yoghurt with fresh fruit

In total that makes for around 1200 calories a day – and (from my fitbit) my calorie burn is around 2500 per day including the morning’s walk and a good bit of gardening/housework during the course of the day (around 15000 to 20000 steps per day).

The key thing with this is the M&S food which is portion controlled (a key thing for me because I tend to over serve, particularly with pasta and rice), but critically is also very nice. I’ve bought other diet ready meals in the past and the only thing you can say for them is that you would lose weight if you stuck to them because they are actually actively unpleasant to eat – but I have always tended to end up putting them in the bin.

So well pleased with this and you should see some recipes back over the next few weeks. Not too many though as very keen not to put the weight back on.

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