Hard working Sunday

Apr 19th, 2015

Hard working Sunday

After my post yesterday about people putting their backs to the wheel, R and I had a busy day today as the time had come to deconstruct the huge greenhouse in the back garden. This is going to be erected on the Community Hub site and will hopefully be used to grow some food for use in the café.

Two of the Hub Committee came over to help, and between the four of us we managed to get the benches deconstructed, the large quantity of sand which had been on them relocated to become part of an enormous al fresco toilet paradise for the cats, the glass removed from the frame and part of the frame itself deconstructed. I started this at 7:15am and have just finished at after 7pm so a long, hard but rewarding day….

The pictures show the trailer loaded down with the glass, frame parts and several hundred plant pots; the partially deconstructed greenhouse, and some lovely fresh duck eggs we were given by one of the committee who has a small holding. Looking forward to those in a nice omelette… Also looking forward to bed tonight as pretty exhausted after all this…

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