Community Hub Meeting (with cake)

Apr 18th, 2015

Community Hub Meeting (with cake)

R and I went to the village hall this morning for a meeting about the new Community Hub which is (hopefully) going to be put up on the old curling field near the bridge. This land was kindly donated for a community project – and looks as though it will be put to good use.

The plan is to have a cafĂ©, a shop and one or more of a number of ideas still to be threshed out such as business areas, studios, a community garden/farm etc. I think this is a really exciting idea, as did the vast majority of people at the meeting. There were lots of people turned out for chat, coffee and cakes (my lemon curd cake pictured :)), so let’s hope that some of these turn out for action and we can really help the committee get the show on the road.

R and I have our part to play in this tomorrow (of which more later). I am told the cake was pretty good….

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