Pine Marten’s Den

Apr 2nd, 2015

Pine Marten’s Den

We have a summerhouse in our garden which had started to look a bit sad. During one of the storms we have had this year the door blew open and cracked at the bottom, and the roof had leaked, leaving black patches on the ceiling.

So I decided to give it a bit of TLC and my free time for the last few weeks has been spent on it. I repaired the door and the roof (probably not very skillfully), decorated it inside, and put some nice furniture and paintings in it. I also ordered a custom sign for the front – I went for ‘Pine Marten’s Den’ – though in retrospect it should really have been something heron related as it looks out over where the heron generally perches on his island.

One of the pictures shows Tora examining this new part of his territory and getting ready to put muddy paw marks on the new clean white floor.

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