Beware of the Bears…

Apr 1st, 2015

Beware of the Bears…

I have a confession to make. I was in fact responsible for the April Fool ‘Beware of the Bears’ poster in Lochgoilhead. I probably have a warped sense of humour – but the idea that the beaver scheme (which I support wholeheartedly by the way) would suddenly expand into bears and that some poor tourist would encounter the poster and not know whether it was real or not struck me as very amusing.

This was the text (in case it is not readable from the photo).

“Certain designated areas such as parts of Argyll, have been assigned as ‘Bear pilot release areas’ in order to trial the concept of re-introducing the European Brown bear into Scotland. As part of this initiative LOCHGOILHEAD has been classified as an active release and habitat integration area. Bears are rarely a danger to the general public outside the breeding season, and if you are lucky enough to see one, you should remain calm and in all likelihood the bear will move on without attacking. Please do not eat food in public as this attracts bears which may then prove dangerous.”

After I had printed the posters off it occurred to me that I had missed a trick by not putting “breeding season – March and April”.

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