Ship on the Horizon

Mar 25th, 2015

Ship on the Horizon

Fantastic morning again though bitterly cold (our weather station said -2C at 6:30am). R and I had a departure from our usual walk and went out along the lochside towards the holiday camp.

We could hear the calls of Whooper swans from the loch (although we couldn’t see them). They are presumably the same group we saw yesterday circling round the loch and they were here last year around this time as well. My guess is that they are returning to their breeding grounds in Scandinavia, and have just paused on Loch Goil for a quick rest on their way.

We also saw an interesting ship out by Stuckbeg. It was too far out to take a photo with my phone but we looked it up when we got back (good website here and it is the ‘Kingdom of Fife’ which is an anchor handling vessel out of Greenock. Don’t know what she is doing in Loch Goil but she has picked a good morning for it.

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