Cormonachan Woodlands

Feb 16th, 2015

Cormonachan Woodlands

I’m on the committee for the Cormonachan Woodlands Association. Basically we are going to try to restore a piece of Atlantic Oak woodland to its former glory and see if we can make it into an amenity for the local community, visitors and (of course) wildlife.

We went over today to discuss our plans for an open day around the beginning of May and to walk round the woods. Actually this must be one of the few areas locally that R and I haven’t walked around.

Of course being Loch Goil in February, it rained today and I got soaked to the skin for the second time (first time being when we walked round the Inverlounin loop at 7am). I also managed to put my foot in a puddle of half frozen mud which went right over the top of my shoe.

That aside, the woods were lovely and I can clearly imagine what they will be like with the invasive Rhododendrons cleared out and some more native trees planted.

So onwards and upwards and hoping to get some good local involvement in the Open Day.

The website for the wood is at

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