Pet Sheep

Feb 12th, 2015

Pet Sheep

My Mum sent me a good newspaper cutting today. You need to click on the image to be able to read the text clearly,


The reason for us both liking this is that when I was a child we had a pet sheep. She actually belonged to the farm next door, but had been brought up on a bottle, was really tame, and thought she was still a lamb. She was blind in one eye and deaf in one ear so she would have to turn her head at an odd angle to look at you.

Anyway, sometimes we would find her in our garden munching the grass, and sometimes we would feed her over the wall. We called her Crackers because that was her favourite food.

It all ended in tears as nearly everything in this life does. One day she was gone from the field next to us and reappeared in a field down the road with loads of other sheep. Stupidly, we didn’t see the writing on the wall and the next day the farmer who was a ‘friend’ of my parents said ‘We got rid of that old nuisance of a sheep for you’. If we had had any sense we could just have bought Crackers from him and we would have had a friendly lawnmower for years to come.

I’ll always remember Crackers bouncing along with the new lambs because she thought she was still a lamb herself.

So I like sheep even though I think the ‘Lochgoilhead two’ have spoiled some of my bulbs.

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