Rest and be Thankful

Feb 5th, 2015

Rest and be Thankful

R and I went to Dumbarton today to get some shopping and pick up J who is looking after our cats for the weekend while we go to see my parents.

It was a lovely sunny day and I don’t think I have ever seen ‘The Rest’ looking quite so spectacular.

As ever I took some photos with my trusty Lumia 1020. I love taking photos (as is probably apparent), but I couldn’t be bothered with lugging around an enormous DSLR so I have compromised on having the best phone camera in the world (41 mega pixels). It takes wonderful landscape shots and isn’t bad at portraits, indoor shots or even macros. What it is not great for is wildlife photography because the shutter is relatively slow due to the size of the image it has to save. However because of the size of the image you can use software (including on the phone itself) to ‘zoom’ in quite a long way on photos. According to a review I read it is about as good as a big DSLR from five years ago – not bad for a phone! Shame the photographer isn’t as good as the camera.

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