Wildlife back in force

Jan 26th, 2015

Wildlife back in force

I’ve been a bit concerned over the last few weeks that we haven’t been seeing so much wildlife around…

During the cold spell we haven’t been seeing any of the nocturnal visitors we had this time last year. But over the last couple of days as the snow has melted and things have warmed up, all of a sudden the wildlife has come back with a vengeance. Last night we had both pine martens and badgers (the badgers multiple times during the night), and during the day today we had squirrels and three very frisky roe deer chasing each other around the garden.

R thinks that the difference from last year is that then we had virtually no seriously cold weather – so presumably the animals felt more inclined to be up and about. Also I suspect the badgers are now so well fed that if it is a bit parky out they are not bothered coming out of their warm sett to get nuts.

We also had three sheep today which may be the same ‘Lochgoilhead Three’ from last year who escaped from the farm, invaded our garden and stayed with us off and on for several weeks. I like them but I am not sure the cats are that fond. The picture is of one of the sheep right outside our kitchen window.


  1. Isobel Ellis. January 28, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    Maybe the fact that Tora does not like the wild life is why he has started to down to the village again now that the sheep have invaded his garden again.

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