RSPB Birdwatch

Jan 24th, 2015

RSPB Birdwatch

I just contributed to the RSPB Birdwatch project. Unlike last year the website seemed to withstand the strain of all the contributors and did not go down in the middle of the survey (or at least not while I was filling the survey in). We do seem to have less birds than last year here (although I was still prompted as to whether I had really seen 20 chaffinches) – but I think that is mostly due to the presence of the jay family. The jay was not listed as a common bird in the survey and I had to add it manually – not sure that many people would be able to say that they had seen six of them in one hour.


  1. Isobel Ellis. January 28, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    Love your little Robin.

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