Credit where credit is due

Jan 11th, 2015

Credit where credit is due

BT take a lot of flak about lack of response to logged issues…

I have to say that they entirely exceeded expectations with regard to our most recent outage. Overnight on Thursday the huge storm toppled a tree into the Donich and completely snapped the telephone cable. We logged the fault with our ISP (Andrews and Arnold) on Saturday afternoon and got a call from BT at 21:30 that night asking if the situation was ‘life threatening’. We said ‘No’ and were not expecting to hear more until Monday, but at 10am on Sunday an OpenReach Engineer turned up and managed to string the line back across the river on his own! I’m guessing by using the time honoured “throw a string attached to a hammer over the river” method.

Anyway – very impressed and could not have had better support from both A&A and BT.

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