Hungry Birds

Jan 3rd, 2015

Hungry Birds

After the foul weather yesterday it was beautiful again today and we walked out to the end of the Loch.

Before we went out I filled the large bird feeder with nuts and also put out about 500g on the ground. By the time we came back (about an hour and a half later), the cupboard was quite literally bare and there was a queue of anxious looking birds in the trees and on the fence.

I refilled the feeder (and replenished the ground supply) and within 30 seconds there were clouds of little birds on it, plus four large hungry jays getting the ground nuts. It took them about another two hours to empty everything again.

So all in all they are eating about 1kg of nuts a day when rationed, and they would eat more like 2kg if the feeders were filled up every time they were empty. An expensive business…

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