Interesting Wildlife night

Dec 21st, 2014

Interesting Wildlife night

Last night was an interesting one on Shed Cam. I had been getting a bit worried because we had not seen our badgers for a few days. Last night they were back (about 10 times during the night), but unfortunately although I ordered 50kg of nuts for them over a week ago they have not turned up yet (from Amazon Prime), so I hadn’t put anything out for them. R pointed out that badgers survived before we were providing them with a steady food supply and I suppose this is true. I’d still really like the nuts to turn up before Christmas though.

On the same night, we had our first ever webcam view of a fox. I’ve only seen a fox around here twice; once in the garden around this time last year when it was snowing, and once up near the waterfalls where there was a dead one by the side of the path. I’m wondering if Tora saw it the other night and it was what caused him to come in howling at 5am.

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