Donich Cottage

Dec 19th, 2014

Donich Cottage

My parents, my brother and R’s sister always come to us for Christmas. Last year our house was literally bursting at the seams because although we have four bedrooms, two of them are used as offices. It really felt as though there was nowhere to go for a bit of peace and quiet, also there was a TV issue. As I have mentioned before, R and I are pretty much on the cutting edge of technology, and we simply have no need for a dedicated TV set as we just use our tablets/PCs for digital downloads or online streaming (BBC iPlayer and similar). But other people obviously feel differently and the lack of a TV was definitely felt last year.

So this year we have rented out Donich Cottage which is just down the road from us. This provides three extra bedrooms so we don’t need to move all our stuff out of our offices, and also gives my parents and my brother a TV to watch.

This afternoon I went down to have a look at the cottage and it is absolutely beautiful. Swish brand new kitchen, nice bathrooms and even a Christmas tree put in by the owners.

My parents are arriving tomorrow and I think I feel a nice trip advisor review coming on.

Some pictures of the cottage here –

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