Vegan Christmas – Part two

Dec 16th, 2014

Vegan Christmas – Part two

I had a good idea for V’s Christmas dinner. Although I like vegan food, somehow to me something is missing if you can’t have a full ‘all the trimmings’ dinner on Christmas day. I don’t think (for example) that a curry or pasta would really cut it.

So I have made a sort of ‘Christmas tower’ for her. The bottom section is mashed potatoes, then a layer of pureed carrots, then parsnips. On the day I will add a layer of the vegan sage and onion stuffing I made last week on top. I have managed to source some vegan gravy granules, and I won’t put butter on the vegetables (apart from the mashed potatoes where I think it would spoil them to add margarine). I’ll do the roast potatoes using vegetable oil. So V should be able to eat everything else in the main course.

For her starter I have baked some asparagus tips in olive oil, and for her desert I managed to buy a vegan Christmas Pudding which looks quite nice (it should because it wasn’t cheap).

The picture shows the tower minus the final layer of sage and onion.

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