Storm today

Dec 9th, 2014

Storm today

Don’t think I have seen rain like today in a very long time (if ever). Not the snow that MSN has been forecasting for ‘tomorrow’ every day for the last week – just high winds and absolutely torrential downpours.

Luckily I got our shopping in in Dunoon this morning because this is classic weather for the village getting cut off. Although we are lucky enough to have two roads out – one of them is over the Rest and be Thankful which is extremely prone to landslides in the wet and the other is the Dunoon road which runs right along the side of Loch Eck and is prone to flooding.

I took a video of it from our front door – unfortunately I didn’t quite get it at its peak – but even so I had to stop it after 15 seconds because me (and more importantly, my Lumia 1020) were getting soaked.

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