My attempt at a vegan Christmas – part 1

Dec 6th, 2014

My attempt at a vegan Christmas – part 1

As I have mentioned before, my sister-in-law, V recently became a vegan. So this is the first Christmas I have had to try making some vegan meals. I’m making things I can freeze in advance, because on the day itself I have my hands full with the turkey.

So today I made stuffed peppers. Take some bell peppers and roast them in a little olive oil until tender. Remove from the oil and put in a ceramic oven dish. Add more olive oil to the dish the peppers came out of and pour in a load of tomatoes – I used red cherries, but a mix of red and yellow would look nice too. Peel and roughly slice a few cloves of garlic and mix together. Roast until soft and lightly browned. While this is going on, cook some puy lentils until soft and stir in some chopped sun dried tomatoes (the soft sort) and chopped fresh basil. Stuff the peppers with the lentils and serve on a bed of the roast tomatoes. Smelled good when cooking and looks tasty but this is a recipe of my own devising – so we will see.

While I was at it – I roasted some extra tomatoes and made a simple starter by adding some chopped mixed olives and herbs.

I also made sage and onion stuffing which I always prepare in advance and freeze because trying to buy fresh sage immediately before Christmas is a nightmare (and my plant was eaten by slugs). My homemade stuffing has masses of butter in it – so I made a batch of that to stuff the turkey with, and then a second batch with olive oil to turn into stuffing balls.

Then I made some humus, some to eat at a little party I am having at the weekend, and some to freeze for an extra starter for V.

That all went into the freezer, so a good start I think.

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