Is there anything geekier than this?

Nov 25th, 2014

Is there anything geekier than this?

For reasons buried in the depths of the past, all my mobile phones have traditionally had a variation of “Griffon” as their name.

I currently have two phones, a Lumia 1020 which is my production phone and camera – aka as “Griff” and a Lumia 520 which I use for testing apps. R pointed out to me the other day that I was missing a trick to have a Game of Thrones reference and call the 520 “Young Griff”.

So the picture is of both of them, and may be a bit of a spoiler to anyone who has seen the TV series and not read the books.

There are so many levels upon which this is quite sad – but the photo shows the two Windows Phones in question, displaying their house crests (Griff on the left and his ‘son’ Young Griff on the right).

This photo was taken with R’s new iPad and certainly shows that it has a much better camera than its predecessors.

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