Super Birthday

Nov 7th, 2014

Super Birthday

I had an absolutely excellent birthday. We went up to Avimore and were ‘Keepers for a Day’ at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Honestly couldn’t recommend the experience more highly – for someone who loves animals like me, the chance to get up close and personal with them was absolutely unforgettable. We fed polar bears, tigers and red pandas (they were very active – including the two super-cute kittens). Also I saw Pallas cats for the first time – I’ve never seen such a furry animal in my life. If you like animals and don’t mind getting a bit dirty (shovelling poo, being slavered on by camels etc) then I can guarantee you will enjoy yourself. The weather was pretty shocking – but nothing I wasn’t expecting from Scotland in November. So many thanks to V for the present!

And then when I got back, R had done his usual and bought me some great presents. I got a badger necklace, a Lannister crest mug, a Lord of Light cultist bracelet, and some electronic tags to attach to the things I lose most often. The idea is that you can then locate them using your phone – although the main problem there is that my phone is the thing I lose most often.

Also Tora and Schrodi got me a really good card which is the image for this post. The picture is of Tora in the greenhouse earlier this year – I entitled it “The Gardener”.


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