Home Again

Oct 16th, 2014

Home Again

Well I’m home and back in the land of the living after I caught a terrible cold coming back from Norway. It just shows one of the many advantages of living out in the sticks because it is the first cold I have had in the last year. But airports/planes must be about the worst places to get these things. Of course after studiously keeping his distance from me for three days – R inevitably got it as well.

So after being in Bergen and then being ill, the whole landscape and weather seems to have changed almost overnight from Indian Summer into a wet and windy late autumn. I just hope it isn’t going to be quite as wet as it was last year – we worked out that in our first four months in the house it rained on 95% of the days – let’s hope that was unusual.

The hills are looking spectacular now as the bracken turns red, and the leaves are coming off the trees at a fair rate.

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