Something to remember it by

Oct 7th, 2014

Something to remember it by

I went out this evening after work to buy a few little presents for R, J and my Mum. After half an hour of looking in tourist shops I decided not to bother. It is one thing buying something of dubious utility (read tourist tat) for a few pounds – but another when it costs a fortune.

Things I looked at for them were a pewter Viking beer mug (£55), various furry hats (£40 for the one with the wolf’s ears on it which I think would have really suited R) or genuine Norwegian knitwear at about £180 for a chunky sweater. With the possible exception of the sweaters (which were a bit bulky to carry) – I can’t see these going anywhere other than /dev/null (note for non-computer people – this means ‘in the bin’). I draw the line at plastic trolls – and even these weren’t cheap.

So sorry chaps – you aren’t getting a souvenir of Bergen. Aside from the prices though – I will remember it as a really beautiful and fun place. The picture is of the sunset tonight to prove it.


  1. Isobel Ellis. October 8, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Glad you did not bother.

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