Another fantastic Walk

Sep 7th, 2014

Another fantastic Walk

Today we did another fantastic walk – this one courtesy of R (whose idea it was). The weather is much much better for walking now than it was a month ago – as well as all the midgies being gone, it is also quite cool and crisp. I must say that I deliberately slackened off from taking a lot of company work on this summer because I thought it would be the best time to be out and about – in fact I am starting to think I prefer both spring and autumn from that perspective – so maybe next year I will put my head down while the midgies are in town and it is boiling hot and make enough money to slacken off in the autumn.

Anyway – we walked up through the holiday camp and turned left along a forestry track up to a small hydro dam. We carried on up a very wet and rudimentary path for about 100 yards until it rejoined another forestry track, this time turning into the hills. Essentially we then just followed the track as it swept round in a huge loop with panoramic mountain and loch views, until it arrived many miles later at the back of Drimsynie Beg. We crossed the Goil river on the bridge there and rejoined the road for a short way.

We took a look to see if it was possible to walk by the side of the River Goil back into the village. It is possible but it is not particularly pleasant as there is no path and the river meanders about so much that it would be more like six miles than three. So after about half a mile, we went back to the road and cut off to the other side up yet another forestry track. This put on a bit of height but it was worth it to be away from the traffic (I am only half joking here – as it was a nice Sunday the road was actually moderately busy) and there were more good views of the loch. Where the track continues on to the waterfall, we turned back to the right (very overgrown at this time of year) and down what R calls ‘the zig zag’ back to our house.

This made for a very pleasant Sunday morning’s stroll at just under 10 miles. You can actually see the route here (although we did a longer version) in the walking guide to Lochgoilhead done by a friend of ours who has a local holiday company. All his guides (there are several) are well worth a read – particularly if you are coming to the area on holiday –

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