The Birds are back in town

Sep 4th, 2014

The Birds are back in town

During the course of the summer we haven’t seen that many birds… Well we have seen them around of course – but not in the numbers there were in the winter and spring, and often we could leave the feeder all day with little activity.

Now all of a sudden they are back in force – the feeders are being cleaned out at least three times a day – and they would take more than that if I would let them. This seems odd to me because there is masses for them to eat elsewhere in the garden, as I left a load of flowers to go to seed specially for that purpose, plus there are berries and nuts galore. It is not that they are neglecting the natural stuff because the feeder is easier either – I have just stood at the kitchen sink preparing the vegetables and watching a collection of assorted birds stripping berries from a bush.

Anyway it is nice to see them – R and I have just joined the RSPB. My mum would not approve as she doesn’t like the RSPB since someone there made a nasty remark about cats. Our cats very rarely catch birds anyway – they are more mouse focused…

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