Master class in cute

Aug 14th, 2014

Master class in cute

I think I will give up my job as a security tester and live off the income my cats could make by giving masterclasses in cute.

My parents went home yesterday and I stripped their beds. Ten minutes later I came back with the clean sheets and Schrodi had ensconced himself in the pile of duvets.

Then today, I went out to the greenhouse and he was asleep in a seed tray full of earth. I must have disturbed him because he woke up and I caught him in the phone in mid-meow… R says he looks more as if he was half-way through having a rather constipated poo….

As for Tora, he contented himself with sleeping on the top of the hostess trolley when it was warmed up. Like a real softy I couldn’t bring myself to move him – so I had to serve the meal without the vegetable dishes.

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