Foul Weather

Aug 12th, 2014

Foul Weather

My parents have been up to stay for a couple of days and of course the weather (which has been great recently) immediately turned foul. This seems to be a theme for their visits because it happened at Christmas and again when they were here in April.

My mother comes from this area and had a Saturday job in Woolworth’s in Helensburgh in 1950s. So today we went there with her and my Dad. The work being done to improve the city centre is very impressive and I am sure will look great when it is finished, but I am afraid nothing seems to change the fact that since I have been coming here as a little girl the weather almost invariably seems to be awful. Today was no exception, but we looked for the cottage where my Auntie May lived when she was a cook in one of the big houses there in early 1950s – and we think we found her house (in the Glasgow Street area) renovated but largely unchanged. In fact the whole town hasn’t changed too much in my Mother’s view – apart from the Swimming pool used to be open air.

To go back another generation – my Grandmother lived in Cardross and went to school at the Hermitage in Helensburgh. This would have been in 1920s, after which she was in Service in the area. Funny that here we are in 2014 and her grand daughter has come back to live in Argyll.

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