Value Food – Houmous Recipe

Aug 2nd, 2014

Value Food – Houmous Recipe

The other night I made a monster veg curry – potato, cauliflower and chickpea. As well as it making a (very) large meal for four people, I froze about enough to feed the 5000…

And after that about half the packet of dried chickpeas (cost c.99p) was left over. So the next day I cooked them and turned them in to houmous.. As you can see from the picture – it made another ton of food which I froze in small portions to be defrosted every time I feel like houmous (which to be honest is quite often).

I can’t help wondering if people who buy this ready made actually know how much cheaper and nicer it is to make it from scratch… This is how I do it…

Take a packet (or part thereof) of dried chick peas. Put in a bowl, cover with water and leave overnight. Next day, rinse and boil for about half an hour (the packet says an hour but it doesn’t seem to take that long). Put a big glug of olive oil in a blender and add some peeled garlic cloves to taste (I like lots). Add tahini paste in a ratio of about a third to the weight of chickpeas. Juice of a lemon and season plus add a ladle of the cooking water from the peas. Blend until moderately but not completely smooth adding extra oil and water as necessary to loosen.

Serve with home made flat breads and crudités. Tasty, cheap, vegan….

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