In which we have a glut….

Jul 24th, 2014

In which we have a glut….

We now have a seriously large number of tomatoes getting ready every day. They are lovely and flavoursome and sweet – actually much better than even the expensive vine tomatoes from M&S or Waitrose (or even Lidl!). R will not eat tomatoes unless they are cooked – but these ones are actually nicest just eaten straight off the vine while they are warm from the sun.

So all the food at the moment has a tomato theme. A few days ago I made home made pizzas – bases made from scratch with organic flour, and the sauce from home grown tomatoes and onions. R then spoilt the whole healthy eating part of it by choosing his topping as haggis.

The main picture is a healthy bowl of tomatoes – guess what the other picture is of…..


  1. Velda McCune August 3, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    Lol they are nicest straight off the vine 🙂

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