Thank you

Jul 22nd, 2014

Thank you

Well we are back home having had a nice time. It seems ages since we were in Mossdale and actually had good weather. As usual my Mum and Dad did us proud and we are a bit fatter than we were when we arrived after all the good cooking.

My highlight was feeding the next door neighbour’s hens while she was away and gathering the eggs. They are actually really sweet creatures, they make a constant thrumming noise when you are feeding them (almost like cats purring), and peck any crumbs right off your feet. I’d really like to have half a dozen myself, but with pine martens, foxes, badgers and otters in the immediate vicinity (plus our two cats of course) I don’t think the poor things would last long. Shame because it would be great to have our own eggs – though I could say for a stone cold fact that I would never be able to kill and eat a chicken so perhaps it is better that we don’t, because they would end up as pets.

The main picture is of a little house made by my (very talented) mother which sits in the garden. The other pictures are some views of the area (the one of the view to the back rather reminds me of the iconic default background to Windows XP).

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