Artists Town

Jul 21st, 2014

Artists Town

Today is nice and sunny and R and I have been having an explore of the area.

First we went to the Galloway Wildlife Park. We’ve been many times and how many actual animals you see is variable. Today was not a good day for them because a) there is loads and loads of vegetation equating to loads of places to hide b) it is really hot so the majority of creatures just want to do what our cats do and find somewhere to curl up and sleep in the shade. So about the best thing we saw was a tortoise (pictured) which didn’t seem to mind the heat. When I was a child these were common household pets but you don’t see them any more – rightly so as they were treated with huge cruelty while they were being imported. Anyway the wildlife park is generally great fun – but hot afternoons in July are not the best time for it.

Then we went to Kircudbright (pronounced Kircoobree) which is a scenic coastal town renounced for its artists. Looking very fetching in the sun today and quite busy. We then went to see Broughton House which is an NTS property with a stunning garden (some pictures on this post). Finished up in the gardens at the centre of town with a ‘Cream of Galloway’ ice cream. So a pleasant afternoon.

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